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Android phone users must be aware of the term “root” or “rooting”. Rooting gives you the root access to your android phone. We are drafting this post about Root Genius apk. Before letting you know about Root Genius apk or download Root Genius apk, I will like to let you aware of what rooting for an Android device means actually.

For security reasons, phone manufacturers impose software limitations. However, these limitations can be overruled by rooting your android phone. Please note that rooting is not advisable to the users especially if you do not have any antivirus on your android device to protect you from viruses and malware.

It is not wrong if we call Root Genius apk a one-click root apk as it roots your android device at just one click. Looking at the higher success ratio of root android devices with Root Genius apk, we feel the need to compile this information upon download Root Genius apk for our readers. Using root device is very useful but at the same time, it is risky as well.

Rooting is the process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system. Root Genius app for mobile is a good application that allows you to root your Android device without the need of a computer.

Root Genius Apk 

root genius apk download


It is recommended to select the trustworthy rooting application because a single wrong move may turn your android phone into the garbage. Root Genius apk is one of the trusted apps which is considered as safe and secure to root an android device.

Version: v2.2.86
File Size: 13 MB
Minimum Requirement: 2.3.4 and up
Specificaton Root Genius
Downloads 2,00,000+
Last Update 23, March , 2017
Developer: Rootgenius
Download Link: Click the Download Button

We have collected the most basic and precise details of Root Genius apk and all about it like Root Genius app, Root Genius download, how to root the android phone and root android mobile using Root Genius apk.

How to Download Root Genius apk

Download Root Genius Apk on your Android device is very easy. With Root Genius apk download it is possible to root device at just one click of your finger. Let’s see how –

  • The very first step is to disable the anti-virus program on your device if any already installed.
  • Then take the full back up of your device for keeping ourselves on the safer side.
  • Download the Root Genius apk from the official website of the app.
  • Here you may be prevented to download the app because of permission issue.
  • You do not need to do much here, just go to your phone settings > security options and then dig into to look for “Unknown sources”.
  • Check on this option to allow the installation of third-party sources on your Android device. Once you allow this option, you can install all those applications and games that are not available on the Google play store and you wish to download it on your device.
  • When the download has finished, locate the file on your android phone. Generally, it should be under the download folder of your device.
  • Tap on the file, it will show you a pop up displaying the option of “Install”.
  • Click on the install to start the installation process of Root Genius apk.
  • Wait for the few seconds to let the installation done.
  • After opening the app, it will show you a pop up asking for root permission.
  • Allow the root permission and enjoy using this amazing application having unlimited access to your device.

As we have already mentioned that downloading and installing Root Genius is very easy and simple thing. You need not have technical knowledge about it.

How to Use Root Genius apk

If you have reached here and reading this, it is assumed that you have already download Root Genius apk on your android device. Below are the guidelines upon how to use Root Genius apk. Please note that these steps are required to download Root Genius with the help of PC.

  • After installation and to begin with, rooting your device, you need to allow USB debugging mode. To do it, go to settings > about phone > Build number > Developer option and enable USB debugging mode.
  • Connect your Android smartphone or tablet with PC using the USB cable.
  • Root Genius app for Android detects your device and accepts the user agreement.
  • You will see the “Root” button on the screen. Click on it.
  • Root Genius apk begins to root your android device.
  • Your device may reboot after a successful rooting of android device.

Your device is rooted now and you can access all the corners of your system applications and software.

Some side Effects of Rooting Android devices

It is worth mentioning here that rooting is good but can be dangerous for your device hence rooting your android device may affect your device in any of the following ways.

 Your phone can turn into an empty box.

Due to any reason, if the rooting process goes wrong, your phone may get damaged and it will be just an empty box for you.

Your phone warranty voids.

There is nothing wrong with rooting your phone but it will void your android phone warranty. If you will face any issue regarding hardware or software after rooting your phone, the manufacturer will not take care of the damages. In such cases, it is suggested to go for rooting your device after the warranty period say 3 or 5 years usually.

Your phone security may be compromised.

Gaining root access may compromise your device security. That means worms, viruses, malware etc may enter in your device that takes your phone information out and result in your data lose.

But if you carefully root your device with proper antivirus on your phone and after the completion of the warranty period, it will change your phone usage experience and entitle you to enjoy the root access over your android device. Root Genius apk is one such app that helps you to root android device without indulging you in any loss.

Features of Root Genius apk

We are stating below some of the exciting features of Root Genius apk. To justify your decision of downloading Root Genius apk, you should just go through the features of Root Genius apk. Have a glance –

  • Root Genius apk is the very simple android rooting application that lets you root your device at just one tap. It is therefore often called as one click root apk.
  • It does not require any technical expertise to root your android device using Root Genius apk. It is very easy to use.
  • The best part of Root Genius apk download is that it doesn’t require any internet connection to root your android device. However, while downloading internet connectivity is needed.
  • It roots android device without the need for a computer. That means you directly root android mobile with this application.
  • It supports Android devices like the android lollipop, KitKat, Jellybean, and Marshmallow devices.
  • Root Genius apk is free of any charges. It is totally free application.
  • With this application, you can access all root needed applications.
  • It is a very user-friendly application that even a layman can operate it.
  • The latest version of Root Genius is v2.2.84
  • Root Genius apk is the very lightweight application that will consume a very less storage space on your android phone.
  • The wonderful feature of Root Genius apk is that it can reverse its action. That means with Root Genius apk, you can un-root your android device.
  • It is a time-saving root application.
  • This app not only provides quick rooting of your device but hands over after root services and resources.
  • Root Genius apk was in originally in Chinese language but now it is available for the English language as well.
  • You can also download Root Genius apk on your Windows PC or laptop.

The reason behind presenting the Root Genius apk as a heroic rooting app here for you today is that Root Genius apk is a one-click root app which is very easy and simple rooting application. Download Root Genius apk allows you to root your android device for free. Root Genius apk for mobile is a one-click android rooting application that lets you root your device.


We have provided you with the guidelines for download Root Genius apk, how to root android phone and features of Root Genius apk. Root Genius apk download supports almost all the android versions. Root Genius apk is very popular because of its exciting features that make it loving the app for the android community. It is available absolutely for free. Rooting helps you to alter or replace system applications and settings on your phone because maybe they are not so user-friendly or facing difficulty in navigating them or due to any other reason.

We are sure that you will have the best experience of using Root Genius apk to root android device for you. If you still face any issue while rooting your android phone, feel free to write us. You may leave your comment regarding this post in the below comment box. We love to hear from you.

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